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The Reviews Of EJEAS V4C Plus Bluetooth Headsets Cheap Price Referee Headsets

EJEAS Bluetooth Headsets V4C Plus is a multifunction wireless communication intercom system.V4C Plus can not only be used as motorcycle helmet intercom by riders but also can be used as referee communication headset by referees. Besides that, V4C Plus can be used by volleyball referees, ice hockey referees, construction workers, and drone flight enthusiasts.

In this article, we will introduce the features of V4C Plus if you want to use it as your referee headset. For those who want to have V4C Plus as their referee communication system, you can read this article before you place the order.

Parameters of EJEAS V4C Plus:

  • Bluetooth version: 5.1
  • Support: CVC noise reduction, 3D sound
  • Audio encoding mode: SBC&AAC
  • Intercom communication distance: up to 1500m(Distance of 4 units)
  • Bluetooth headset communication distance: 10 meters
  • Battery parameters: 3.7V/750mAh
  • Power adapter: DC5V/1A
  • Charging interface: 3.5mm Round hole Charging
  • Charging time: 2 hours
  • Intercom time: 18 hours
  • Music time: 24 hours
  • Standby time: 150 hours
  • Waterproof rating: IP65
  • Working temperature range: – 10 ~ 50 ℃
  • FM Radio
  • Phone pick-up

Advantages of V4C Plus

1. Bluetooth 5.1 technology

V4C Plus is also using Bluetooth 5.1 technology.

The advantage of Bluetooth 5.1 compared with Bluetooth 5.0

  • More accurate to locate the user
  • Less power consumption

As we know, referees need to run with players, and the referee’s positions is changing from time to time. With Bluetooth 5.1 technology, EJEAS Referee headsets V4C Plus can pick up the signal anywhere quickly and accurately with very little delay. In fact, it’s already real-time communication considering the distance of the football field is so short. After all, referees can’t move at high speeds as quickly as cars or other transportation tools.

2. CVC Noise reduction and 3D Sound quality

V4C Plus has been upgraded from V4 and V4 Pro. The latest version of V4 Plus now support CVC Noise cancellation and with the latest chip and in-ear headphone, V4C Plus also supports 3d surround sound.

CVC stands for Clear Voice Capture. CVC noise cancellation is a noise suppression technology developed by QUALCOMM, it can remove background noise from the environment and provide clear voice communication for referees, especially when the referee is officiating a game in a field full of spectators.

3. Advanced audio encoding mode

V4C Plus also is using ACC mode, AAC stands for Advance Audio Coding. To better understand AAC, you can take MP3 as a comparison.AAC is an audio coding standard that has been designed as the successor of MP3, AAC has higher sound quality than MP3 with the same bit rate.

4. Allow up to 4 referees to communicate simultaneously

V4C Plus is a full duplex communication intercom. It allows up to 4 referees to communicate simultaneously. Referees don’t need to push any buttons during the communication after all devices are paired. The communication feature of EJEAS V4C Plus is the same as EJEAS Referee Headsets FBIM, although the design of their shapes is different. Referees can use EJEAS V4C Plus either in amateur games or professional games.

5. IP65 Waterproof rating

V4C Plus was original design as a motorcycle helmet intercom, therefore, it must work well in moist environments in case motorcycle riders encounter rainy days. With IP65 Waterproof rating, V4C Plus works well even referees are officiating games on rainy days.

6. Long-distance communication

Under the ideal setting without any obstacle, the engineer can communicate up to 1500 Meters with 4 units working together. Each headset can speak up to 375 meters. As we know, the length of a football field is 105 meters, the width is 68 meters. Therefore, the distance of EJEAS Referee headset communication is far more than the required communication distance for referees. Referees never need to worry that they are out of the service zone with the V4C Plus Bluetooth headsets while they are officiating the game.

7. Cheap price

Compare with other referee headset brands such as Vokkero, and Yapalong, the price of EJEAS Referee Headsets FBIM is already very reasonable. But the price of V4C Plus is even more competitive and worth of its value. The competitive price of V4C Plus is a great help to referees who start their careers as a beginner or amateur referees. If you have less budget for referee headsets equipment, V4C Plus is absolutely a great choice for you.

Disadvantages of V4C Plus as referee headsets

1. The looking of V4C is not as professional as FBIM

If you look at the design of EJEAS Referee Headsets FBIM, you can see that there is a referee whistle logo and badge on its interface. However, there are no such designs on EJEAS V4C Plus, because it was originally designed as a motorcycle helmet intercom. Therefore, EJEAS Referee Headsets FBIM is more professional than EJEAS V4C Plus from the looking at their interface.

2. EJEAS V4 Plus is original design as a motorcycle helmet intercom

V4C Plus was originally designed as a motorcycle helmet intercom. V4C Plus is a multifunction intercom system. EJEAS V4C Plus has FM Radio feature and telephone pick-up feature. These 2 features are useless for referees during the match.

3. The sound quality of in-ear earphone HIFI-R is not as good as it is in FBIM

The in-ear earphone HIFI-R is specially designed for EJEAS Referee Headset FBIM. Although it can be used on V4C Plus and V6 Pro, the sound quality is not as good as it is in EJEAS Referee Headset FBIM. However, the sound quality of in-ear earphones HIFI-R is still good on V4C Plus and V6 Pro. If you want the best sound experience, you can choose EJEAS Referee Headset FBIM.

4. V4C Plus has Less battery capacity than EJEAS Referee Headset FBIM

V4C Plus has 750 mAh battery capacity while EJEAS Referee Headset FBIM has 850 mAh battery capacity.


V4C Plus was originally designed as a motorcycle helmet intercom, However, it can be used as a referee communication headset. If you don’t mind the motorcycle design looking of V4C Plus, you can have it as your referee communication headset with fewer budgets. Also, if you are a referee who just officiates amateur games in your local communities, you can also choose V4C Plus with less cost.

Referees who just start their careers can also choose EJEAS V4C Plus as their referee communication headsets if they don’t mind having this equipment which seems not very professional. Besides its looking, the features of EJEAS V4C Plus are similar to EJEAS Referee Headset FBIM, V4C Plus is competent as a referee communication headset


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