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What Equipment You Should Have As Ice Hockey Referees?

Ice hockey is a special sport that requires specific equipment to ensure safety and the proper execution of the referee’s duties on the ice. Here are the list of the equipment a hockey referee should have in the game.

  • Hockey Skates

Referees need ice hockey skates to navigate the rink efficiently. These skates should provide good support and allow for quick movements.

  • Striped Jersey or Sweater

A black and white striped jersey or sweater distinguishes the referee from the players. The stripes help players and spectators easily identify the officials on the ice.

  • Black Helmet and Face Mask

Referees wear a black helmet with a full face mask to protect their head and face from pucks, sticks, and collisions. The mask often includes a half shield or full shield for facial protection.

  • Whistle

A whistle is a crucial tool for referees to signal stoppages in play, penalties, and other game situations. It helps communicate decisions quickly to players and coaches.

  • Referee Pants

Specialized pants with built-in padding provide protection to the referee’s lower body from pucks, sticks, and accidental collisions.

  • Referee Arm Bands

These are worn around the referee’s arms to indicate their level of authority (e.g., head referee, linesman).

  • Gloves

Referees wear gloves to protect their hands. They may choose gloves with extra padding for additional protection. Gloves are not mandatory.

  • Shin Guards

Referees wear shin guards to protect their legs from pucks and sticks. These are often worn under their referee pants.

  • Chest Protector

A chest protector or referee-specific jersey with built-in padding helps protect the upper body from impact.

  • Cup/Abdominal Protection

Essential for protecting the lower abdominal area.

  • Skate Guards

These protect the blades of the skates when the referee is off the ice.

  • Referee Bag

A bag to carry and organize all the equipment.


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