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in-ear hifi-R Referee Earphone Reviews

The Reviews Of EJEAS HIFI-R in-ear Headphones For Referee Headsets

When a soccer referee is officiating a football match, he needs to run on the field, and make calls on fouls. He also needs to communicate with his assistant referee to confirm out-of-bound calls and decide which side touches the ball at last. Therefore, good referee communication headsets are helpful when the head referee needs to talk with the assistant referee.

EJEAS Referee headset FBIM is popular among referees for its reliable quality and reasonable price. However, the old version of EJEAS Referee Headsets are using hang-style earhooks as their headphone, which is not comfortable and stable when referees are running in the game. Fortunately, the latest upgrade EJEAS Referee Headsets have new in-ear headphones.

What are Referee in-ear headphones?

Referee headset In-ear headphones are ultra-portable earpieces with small earbud tips, which can be inserted into the ear canal. In-ear headphones are widely used in professional football matches.

The earhooks of EJEAS HIFI-R in-ear Headphones are made of silica gel. it’s a very soft and flexible material that won’t hurt the skin of the external ear canal. The well-adaptive silica gel tips can fit your external ear canal and make it very stable when referees are running in the field.

Comfortable To Wear

Since the earbuds and external ear hooks are made of silica gel, it will be very comfortable to wear when referees are officiating the soccer game. Normally, people will feel uncomfortable if they wear in-ear headphones for a long time. But for the referees, the timespan of a football match is just 90 minutes, together with the 15 minutes halftime. Referees can take off their headphones during halftime. Therefore, there won’t be any uncomfortable for referees to wear in-ear headphones when they are officiating the game.

Compare with the hang-style earhooks which hang the headphone to the ear, the in-ear headphone is much more comfortable. The hang-style earhooks will shake when referees are running on the field. The plastic-made earhooks will rub the skin of the ear when it shakes, making it uncomfortable for the referee to use it.

Portability and light-weight

The design of the EJEAS In-Ear Referee Headphone is also very compact, the size of it is smaller than hang-style headphones. The weight of in-ear headphone is just 14g. The lightweight headphone is good for running while referees wear them in the game. It’s also very portable.

Noise isolation And Noise Cancellation

As we know, the arena of a football match is always noisy. The noise from the spectators is extremely louder in a professional game. Therefore, noise isolation is very important when head referees communicate with assistant referees, otherwise, they won’t hear clearly from each other. The EJEAS in-ear headphone is very good at noise isolation. The silica gel earbuds insert into your ear canal and fill your ear canal well, it keeps most noise outside and enables noise isolation. Also, the EJEAS Headset is using CVC Noise cancellation technology, it can suppress the majority of background noise from spectators.


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