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The Pros and Cons of Referee Communication Headsets For Hockey Referees

Can Ice Hockey Referees Use Headsets In The Game?

Yes, It’s common to see ice hockey referees use communication headsets during the games now than before. However, Referee communication headsets for ice hockey referees may not be universal across all levels of play or in every hockey league. it also depends on the level of the competition and the league. In higher levels of competition and league, the use of referee communication headsets has become a standard practice.

The Pros and Cons of communication headsets for ice hockey referees.


Ice Hockey Referee communication headsets serve as an electronic technology tool for referees, it benefit a lot as below:

Improved Communication

Referee communication headsets allow for clear and instant communication among on-ice officials, enhancing their ability to coordinate and make accurate decisions during the fast-paced game. Especially for the linesman, with the help from referee headsets to communication across the ice, he doesn’t need to look at his partner for signals to decide if it’s out of bounds or not.

Quick Decision-Making

Ice hockey is a kind of fast-paced and dynamic game, Communication headsets enable referees to discuss and make decisions rapidly, reducing the time needed for on-ice discussions. This can contribute to a smoother flow of the game.

Enhanced Coordination

With effective communication, referees can better coordinate their movements and coverage of the ice, ensuring that they have a comprehensive view of the game and can respond quickly to unfolding situations.

Increased Safety

Referees can use communication headsets to communicate important information about player injuries, potential dangers, or other safety-related concerns, contributing to the overall well-being of the players on the ice.

Clarity for Players and Coaches

Improved communication can provide players and coaches with a clearer understanding of the decisions being made, promoting transparency and potentially reducing disputes.

Efficient Penalty Calls

Referees can quickly discuss and confirm penalty calls through communication headsets, reducing the likelihood of errors and ensuring that the correct penalties are assessed.


Potential Distractions

Constant communication through headsets may become distracting for referees, potentially affecting their concentration on the game. It’s important to strike a balance between communication and focused attention.

Block Hearing From One Side

The situation of hockey games on the ice is changing very fast. Wearing referee headsets may block the hearing of the referee from one side. That may cause a collision between the referee and the players. However, this won’t happen very often because the referees always stay on both sides of the ice.


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