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Salary of Soccer Referees in 2022 Qatar FIFA WorldCup

Number of Matches in FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

There is a total of 64 matches played in the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022.

Total number of Referees in FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

The total number of referees needed in all the stages to officiate the matches is as below.

36 Chief referees
69 Assistant Referees
24 Video Assistant Referees(VAR)

Payout Table of Referees in FIFA World Cup 2022 Qatar 2022

Referee TypeEach Group Stage Match FeeEach Knock-Off Match FeeFinal Match FeeTotal Payout Salary
Chief Referee$ 3,000$ 10,000$ 10,000$ 300,000
Assistant Referee$ 2,500$ 5,000$ 5,000$ 150,000
4th Officials$ 2,500$ 5,000$ 5,000$ 150,000
VAR (Video Assistant Referee)$3,000$ 5,000$ 5,000$175,000


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