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Only the Captain is allowed to speak to the Ref in UEFA at Euros

UEFA has announced that at Euro 2024, only team captains will be permitted to approach referees to discuss decisions made during games. Any other players who do so risk receiving a yellow card.

This directive from European football’s governing body aims to prevent groups of players from “mobbing” referees, which is seen as detrimental to the image of the sport.

“In an effort to improve the current situation, UEFA wants referees to explain more of their decisions to all teams competing in the upcoming UEFA Euro 2024 tournament,” said Roberto Rosetti, UEFA’s managing director of refereeing.

“The approach is straightforward: we request that all teams ensure their captain is the sole player who communicates with the referee.

“We ask captains to ensure their teammates do not encroach upon and surround the referee. This allows for direct and respectful conversations, ensuring that decisions are communicated promptly.”

UEFA’s initiative aligns with the International Football Association Board (IFAB)’s earlier trials this year, which also included restricting referee approaches to team captains in certain situations.

Euro 2024 will be held in Germany, starting with a match between Germany and Scotland on Friday, June 14.

“Any player ignoring the captain’s role or approaching the referee with any sign of disrespect or dissent will be shown a yellow card,” Rosetti added.

“If the captain is a goalkeeper, an outfield player will need to be nominated to fulfill this role should an incident occur at the opposite end of the pitch.”


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