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How To Pre-Check The Match Field Before The Game As Referee

Steps to check the pitch before the game as a soccer referee

  1. Walk the field

Walk around the entire playing surface and check for any hazards, such as holes, uneven areas, or debris that could pose a safety risk to players.

  1. Check the lines

Make sure that the field markings, including the touchlines, goal lines, and penalty areas, are clearly visible and properly marked.

  1. Check the goals

Ensure that the goals are securely anchored and properly positioned. Check the nets for any tears or damage that could affect play.

  1. Check the corner flags

Make sure that the corner flags are in good condition and properly positioned.

  1. Check the condition of the field

Inspect the condition of the playing surface, including the grass, to ensure that it is suitable for play. If the field is wet, check for any areas of standing water that could affect the ball’s movement.

  1. Communicate with the groundskeeper

If you notice any issues with the field, communicate with the groundskeeper or field manager to see if any corrective action can be taken.


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