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how to become football referee in belgium

How To Become A Football Referee In Belgium

Becoming a football referee in Belgium is a challenging job. If you want to become a professional football referee and make a living by officiating football matches, here is the career pathway you can check as a reference. However, in the beginning, the income of football referees is low, you can start your referee career as a part-time referee, and get promoted after you gain enough experience by officiating the games.

The Pathway of Football Referee In Belgium

LevelGames to Officiate
1Beginner RefereeYouth lever matches, amateur games
2Provincial RefereeSenior lever matches, regional level matches
Regional Leagues
3National RefereeHighest levers of Belgian football matches, Jupiler Pro League
Some international matches
4International RefereeFIFA World Cup, Continental championships.
  1. Beginner Referee: As a beginner referee, you will need to attend a basic referee course, pass a theoretical and practical exam, and gain experience by officiating matches at the youth level.
  1. Provincial Referee: After gaining some experience as a beginner referee, you can progress to become a provincial referee. To become a provincial referee, you will need to attend a more advanced referee course, pass a higher-level theoretical and practical exam, and officiate matches at the senior level. Provincial referees officiate matches at the regional level and are usually assigned to matches in their home province.
  1. National Referee: To become a national referee, you will need to demonstrate exceptional skills and experience as a provincial referee. National referees officiate matches at the highest levels of Belgian football, including the Jupiler Pro League and international matches.
  1. International Referee: The highest level of certification for a football referee in Belgium is the international referee. International referees are selected by FIFA and officiate matches at the highest levels of international football, including the FIFA World Cup and continental championships.

Steps to become a football referee in Belgium

If you become a national referee or international referee, that means you can make a good income and gain more fun and satisfaction by officiating the game. Below are the steps to become a football referee in Belgium

  1. Visit the URBSFA-KBVB website and sign up on their homepage. The official website of the URBSFA-KBVB is
  1. Fill out the registration form: You will be directed to a page where you can fill out a registration form. The form will ask for personal information such as your name, address, date of birth, and contact details.
  1. Choose a course: After filling out the registration form, you can choose a referee training course that best suits your level of experience.
  1. Pay the registration fee: The registration fee for a referee course varies depending on the level of the course. You can pay the fee online using a credit card or bank transfer.
  1. Attend the course: Once you have registered and paid the fee, you can attend the referee training course and take the required exams to become a licensed referee. The URBSFA-KBVB organizes training courses for beginner, intermediate, and advanced referees. These courses consist of theoretical and practical sessions and cover various aspects of the game, including the laws of the game, positioning, communication, and match management.
  1. Pass the exams: Once you complete the training course, you need to pass a theoretical and practical exam to become a licensed referee. The exams cover the laws of the game, signals and gestures, and match management.
  1. Start officiating matches: After passing the exams, you will be assigned to officiate matches based on your level of experience and availability. You can start with youth matches and work your way up to senior matches.

The Salary of football Referees at different levels in Belgium

The salary of football referees in Belgium varies from different levels. The table below is the approximate payoff to referees per game.

Pay Per Match(approximately)
1Beginning RefereeSmall Fee, referees at this level always work as a volunteer
2Regional Referee30-50 euros per Match
3National Referee800-1200 euros per match
4International RefereeVaries from different levels of match. The Payment from FIFA World Cups can be several thousand euros, and the number increase during knock-off matches and final matches.


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