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New EJEAS F6 MESH Intercom Professional Referee Headsets Ejeas Referee Intercom

  • Bluetooth 5.1 powered EJEAS F6 Professional Referee Headset MESH Intercom, support up to 6 referees to MESH group communicate at the same time.
  • Stable Signal, strong penetration, Easily covers the whole Pitch of the match.
  • Ultra-clear audio while communicating with your colleague referees.
  • High encryption communication.
  • Support the Microphone Mute feature.
  • Support Software Upgrade.
  • IP67 Waterproof level.
  • Type-C connector.


Product: 1 Piece EJEAS F6 MESH Intercom Referee Headset

Work For: Soccer, Football, handball, korfball, basketball, hockey, volleyball, baseball, water polo, rugby, Ice hockey, floorball, rugby, netball, and other team sports, climbing/mountain sports, Equestrian Training, Restaurant/Retail, Theatre/Video Production, Cycling, Tree Surgery&Grounds Keeping, Segway/cycling walking Tours, Education, Yachts, Forklift drivers.

Technical Features:

  1. MESH Technology.
  2. Bluetooth 5.1
  3. IP67 Waterproof
  4. 1200 mAh Large Lithium Battery
  5. CVC Noise reduction technology, ultra-clear audio
  6. Microphone mute feature
  7. MESH stable signal and strong penetration, long-distance connection
  8. Type-C connector


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