EJEAS V8 Bluetooth Motorcycle Intercom Helmet Headset NFC Remote Control Vnetphone


Vnetphone V8 1200M Bluetooth Intercom Motorcycle Helmet Interphones 

 Headset NFC Remote Control 5 Riders Full Duplex Talking+ FM

Product Description:
1. Security and automatic answer phone calls
2. 5 walkie-talkie travel between 1200 meters Bluetooth communication distance
3. Support mp3 / GPS / mobile phone
4. 8 hours talk time
5. With NFC function with automatic matching phone
6. Handle remote control


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1.NFC link function
With NFC function phone: open the phone NFC function, the host close to the phone,
the automatic identification, the phone and V8 pairing. Only need to match once, the
second can automatically identify and connect the phone.
Phone call function
2.Automatically answer incoming calls
When the phone calls, you will hear the phone ringtones, 3-5 seconds later, automatically
 receive the phone.
3.Terminate the call
When you end the phone call, short press the phone / play button, will end the call.
4. reject the call
When the phone calls, you will hear the ringtone and press the phone / play button for
1 second to reject the call.
5. Call your phone
The number is automatically dialed on your phone and the sound is automatically uploaded to the headset.
(Warned that this feature is only used for motorcyclists)
Note: Some phones will not send audio to the headset, you may need to press the phone / play button
 to send sound to the headset.
6. Dial the last outgoing call
Press the phone / play button for 2-3 seconds, it will automatically dial the last outgoing call.
(Note: some phones do not support this feature)
Intercom function
The establishment of motorcycles and motorcycles or rider and rear seat between the internal intercom.
Pairing is a time course that requires recognition of headphones with other Bluetooth devices.
Once the five headset pairing succeeds, they will remain matched for a certain range.
Tips: You can only contact a companion at the same time through an intercom.
You can set your BIi as your master so that you can pair with the other four drivers,
and then you can talk to him at different times.
FM function
Directly press the FM logo button of this product, you can directly listen to FM International Radio.
If you cancel this feature, clicking again will stop the radio from playing.
Music function
Listen to stereo music when your phone A2DP is on
Please carefully read the phone user manual, if your phone has been activated A2DP,
this product will be able to receive your phone in the three-dimensional music.
Only devices with A2DP (stereo Bluetooth) can provide Bluetooth music transfer service
Note: In order to reduce energy consumption, when you do not need to talk, do not wait for a long time.
1. Bluetooth version: 3.0
2. Remote control distance: 20M
3. Chip: CSR BC5
4. Battery capacity: 550
5. Battery type: polymer
6. Charge and discharge times: 500
7. Operating voltage: 3.3V-4.2V
8. Talk time: 8 hours
9. Standby time: 120H
10. Charging time: 2.5H
11. Radio frequency band: FM87.5 ~ 108MHz
12. RDS: None
13. Speaker power: 0.25W
14. Waterproof rating:
15. Yes No TTS: None
16. With or without automatic volume adjustment: none
17. Operating temperature range: -10 ℃ to +45 ℃ (minimum and maximum operating temperature)
18. Charger specifications: DC 5V 1000mA
Accessories Name:
1x host
1x headphones
1x charging cable
1x adapter
1x manual

Additional information

Weight 1000 g
Dimensions 25 × 18 × 18 cm


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